A talk with Studio Collect about our keypouch


We are neighbours in the Steenhouwersvest in Antwerp, have shared various pop-up stores and wear each other's pure creations every day. Our paths have crossed so frequently with jewellery collective Studio Collect in recent years that a collaboration does not come out of nowhere


Several ideas were reviewed before we arrived at the final concept that symbolizes our shared values:

Studio Collect's philosophy is to create simple, yet inventive jewelry with a strong and fresh look. The names of both versions of the pouch are a subtle reference to their connection with gemstones and precious metals.Onyx, is named after the black semi-precious stone and Garnet, is named after the wine-red gemstone.

At Lies Mertens we focus on conscious design. This refers to the durability and longevity of the materials we work with, the thought in design regarding functionality & lastly our efforts to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible. For this reason, we recently moved our entire production to Padua, Italy - the heart of Italian craftsmanship. We now work with an energy-neutral, small family run production atelier that has a closed-loop water system.


With a minimum of elements and an abundance of power, the pouch is a timeless essential that emphasizes the wearer's personality, just like the creations of both our labels.


Phone pocket, card and key holder. Around the neck or crossbody. In dark brown or black residual leather with ingenious functional details and an elegant silver keyring made in the Studio Collect workshop. The Lies Mertens x Studio Collect pouch is multifunctional and unisex and invites you to go back to the essentials.

Why we wear each other's pure creations every day

The Studio Collect designs are powerful yet refined. We find their passion for the craft and the fact that they make everything themselves in Antwerp admirable. Their studio is an inspiring place, and we love seeing the sporadic behind-the-scenes videos on their social channels. - LM team

Below you can find the favourite items that the Lies Mertens team loves to wear on a daily basis:

From left to right: Minimal Aquamarine Statement EarringsAsymmetric Citrine Hoop EarringsElegant Agate Mother of Pearl Ring

For us, Lies' designs have everything we’re looking for in a bag: a super practical layout, a pure, simple design, and beautiful details, materials and colours. The simplicity of the designs ensures that you can combine them with outfits at a party and in everyday life. In addition, their ecological quest is an essential aspect for us. - Studio Collect

The Studio Collect team is happy to wear and combine the three bags below with their outfits: 

From left to right: LIEN in black fine grain, CMMC+ MINI in olive grain, CMMC in black matte