7 questions with Ikram Annouri


Meet Ikram Annouri, the freelance PR & Brand Consultant we have worked together with for quite some time now. We had the pleasure to get a look into her world and the one she’s helping to create. Guided by a sense of curiosity and instinctive strength, she serves selected & inspiring stories of individuals, brands and platforms.


Can you describe yourself in 3 sentences?

In everything I do or engage in, I’m always guided by a sense of curiosity and instinctive strength. Before I act on something, I need to feel something first. Add to that a warm, Mediterranean nature with a love for everything that is cleverly designed or visually pleasing.

What’s the most valuable advice you’ve ever received?

Knowing what not to do or when to say no is often far more important than knowing what to do or saying yes. Use a quality over quantity approach and don’t just jump on trains because other people are doing so.


What does a better future look like to you?

I dream of a future in which racial and gender inequality become a thing of the past (and all other inequalities for that matter). I imagine a society in which we all individually have what we need to live a dignified life.

On a more personal level I would like to see some changes in the PR world. There is an awareness now that there is a disproportionate representation of people of color in the industry. There is a need for different approaches and a new set of references. It’s also one of the reasons that I started my own business. I am consciously aware of certain structures and nuances and take that with me in everything I do. There’s still a long way to go and a lot of other stories to tell. I’d like to see a future where every story can be equally told.

Where do you go to escape?

I used to read books more often to escape reality, but lately some good brainless reality TV has been serving me as the perfect escape from (over)using my brain.

What are you looking forward to in the next coming years?

Looking back a few years, I never thought that becoming a freelance PR consultant would be my life’s orbit today . But somehow through a series of events and a lot of support by my close friends and community I very intuitively made the jump, even though I didn’t have as much experience. As my body of work evolved, I realised there was this gap out there that I was perhaps filling. One of the greatest things about my job is getting to work with so many different kinds of creatives and thinkers with different approaches and sets of references. So I guess my answer is that I’m excited to continue to do what I’m doing. 


What kind of bag person are you?

On a day to day basis I am definitely the type of person that carries everything with her all the time. Laptop, hard drive, books, magazines, parfume, make-up bag in case of a last minute event or meeting, … you name it! I don’t need much to do my job, so I’m always prepared to do my job everywhere in a sense. You would probably spot me running around the city with different bags. At least that was the case until I was introduced to my Lien bag, she’s been my true savior and has brought some calmness in my chaotic schedules.

What’s your view on design in Belgium?

Whether it’s an iconic vintage piece or contemporary design, I believe Belgium has an incredible list of talents and creators that made a name for themselves on a global scale. I find the design attitude here in Belgium to be highly focused on functional and well-made, qualitative design but also a lot of attention to the aesthetic of things. It’s very inspiring to have Antwerp and Belgium as my work & living environment.