lies mertens x vzw 't pASSt


Lies Mertens and non-profit 't pASSt worked in a complementary way to upcycle old handbags together and transform them into limited edition Christmas baubles. A project in which they showed their creativity and talents.

't pASSt has a clear mission; providing a safe meeting place for young people and adults with autism. There is room for every story. The volunteers focus on the self-development of all their members, offering space to form their own identity and find their place in our society. We started our project with this mission and hoped to break certain stereotypes. 


We used leather from the first-ever Eline bags made in Ivory to minimise our waste as a brand.



The baubles are 100% handmade and made up of different leather strips to form a strong new piece.



Every bauble is unique, just as every individual in society is unique. On every bauble, you will find one word: Memorable, No bullshit, Hope, Positive or Laughter. A beautiful gift for a loved one or a wish for the future.


The result is a cool yet elegant product, available online per set or in-store per piece (small €9, medium €13 and large €17). And as a cherry on the cake, we are organizing a day trip to Antwerp for the members of 't pASSt that is all about fashion, with the project's proceeds. Including a visit to our own atelier.


Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas,

Lies Mertens team.


Photography: Anne Decot