Louise & Mattias on architecture and sharing


Louise Vanderlinden and Mattias Staelens don’t only have a mutual love for each other but also share a similar and thorough appreciation for architecture, especially when it comes to the socio-cultural opportunities it gives.

Together they share the Camiel tote bag. Louise during the week, to bike to work and Mattias in the weekend when he needs a practical bag that fits all his stuff easily. 

The couple lives and works in Brussels, Louise is currently working on a new project for the WTC towers in Brussels, for 51N4E architects, and Mattias is co-founder of the interdisciplinary studio Onkruid, widely known for organising the Horst Arts & Music Festival.



Both of them prefer to practise architecture from a socio-cultural viewpoint. For them, architecture is a tool to make a city, and this goes much further than purely the physical context of giving form.

Next to the organisation of internal functionalities and spaces, the couple feels that architecture needs to take its surrounding into account. How can a city-run through a building or how can the function of a building connect several aspects of its neighbourhood?

“A public space should be a reflection of our society, and especially in dense cities this will become even more important.” - Mattias 



To understand these social systems and the needs of different neighbourhoods they mainly find inspiration in daily life. Stimulated by what they see and hear they always try to look with an open mind at new things. Showing interest in the ordinary leads to getting to know new people, new collaborations and this is what truly gives them energy and enthusiasm for what they to. 


Or travelling, not always far but also nearby. Discovering new places, even in Belgium can be unusually eye-opening.