meet Mauranne, the ceramist behind our box-shaped shoulder bag.


Meet Mauranne, former colleague and soon to be ceramist. By the time the Mauranne bag will be launched, we sadly have to say goodbye to her as our beloved colleague. For the past two years, Mauranne has been in charge of our marketing and communication channels. Sending out new content into the world daily and taking our website and online experience to the next level, she helped Lies build a stronger brand.


Mauranne is extremely familiar with all our bags, models and colours. So when Lies decided that she would make a new model inspired by her preferences, it was immediately clear that this bag would be refreshing and practical. Mauranne turned out to be a small crossbody bag. The box-shaped shoulder bag has a magnetic closure and an adjustable strap to find your preferred drop, both long or very short. As the ideal in between, this bag is smaller than CMMC, but larger than our CMMC Mini.

When Mauranne finished her studies and started to work in marketing and communication, it did not take her long to discover that she needed a creative way of expressing herself as well. Feeling attracted to ceramics, she registered at the art academy in Antwerp to follow evening classes and soon learned to control the potter's wheel.


When the first lockdown started, her dad made her a wheel of her own to use at home. This way, she could keep training and practising while all other activities were on hold. Being truly invested in her newfound passion, she soon also bought her own oven for firing and finishing her pieces. Finally, after lots of experimenting and learning about materials and techniques, she opened her ceramics webshop last January.

As new adventures are waiting around the corner for Mauranne, she will first set off for Portugal to travel around and afterwards start something completely new when she returns to Belgium. For keeping track of all her exciting new moves, you can follow her and her ceramics brand Misena on Instagram and online.

We feel fortunate to still see Mauranne in the future in so many ways; as our friend, as our new eye-catching bag and online where her own exciting creative projects will come to life ☺