Sara Bogaert and Julie Motoi: a beautiful friendship story


Do you recognize that feeling of seeing someone you don’t know, but who is doing something great or wearing something you like? You feel like spontaneously complementing them, but instead you hold back your kind words and let the moment pass by.

When Julie and Sara caught each other's eye in front of their apartment building, they were both wearing a Lies Mertens bag and weren’t afraid to start a conversation based on it. When they continued talking about other interests besides their shared love for the CMMC+ bag, they soon found out they were neighbors! Living in the same art deco building close to the Harmonie Park, they now have become close friends.


What’s their passion?

Both Sara and Julie share a passion for styling and interiors. In addition to their newly found friendship, they have also started to work together creatively on styling projects during quarantine.

Sara Bogaert is an event planner and has her own creative studio called ‘Immer’. With her personal approach, she plans and designs weddings from scratch. Sara is also the happy owner of a CMMC+ forest. She owns one of the very first pieces that were produced in this color and still uses the bag on a daily basis :)

Julie Motoi works in the fashion industry and started her own webshop called Nomad Objects. A stylish webshop gathering designs and pieces from small, independent artists as well as curated vintage from all over the world. Not surprisingly, she owns a CMMC+ in the color sky.


Share your story

Just like Sara and Julie becoming friends, we are sure there are lots of other inspiring stories from our customers. Please feel free to share them with us. Take us along on your journey together with your Lies Mertens bag. And please note: the most beautiful friendships can grow from spontaneous compliments that you give to random strangers. :)