A talk with designer Ben Storms


In September we met designer Ben Storms in his studio, finding small treasures and unfinished objects everywhere we looked.

Ben Storms is a Antwerp based furniture designer. I’ve always been fascinated by his use of technique and material, and how he really takes his time to develop ideas further. You’ll find his work in the most prestigious stores and apartments around the world, but Ben stays one of the most humble and kind persons I know.

The combination of his down to earth approach, his designs and ambitions in life is why I asked Ben to be an ambassador for our men’s collection.

For our men’s collection we really took our time, and the development took almost an entire year, so it felt only right to set it aside a designer who does exactly the same for his own work: Taking time and space to really get to the essence and start from there.

What's the most valuable advice you've ever received (and would like to give your younger self)? 

The best ever? No idea. But back in the days when I was having a rather long search for what to do in life, an Italian chef, Gianni, told me this beautiful proverb. "chi va piano va sano e va lontano". (He who goes slowly goes well and goes far.) 

It was around 2 am and sounded great coming from his mouth, we were celebrating the end of a long shift in the restaurant, and I believe we were discussing my desire to become a chef :). It might have felt like a good excuse at that moment in my life, but nevertheless, I wouldn't doubt to advise this to my kids about 20 years from now. 

What does a better future look like to you? 

I would like to imagine a more feminine driven world. 

Where do you go to escape? 

The Movies or my workshop at night.

What are you looking forward to in the next few years? 

The ageing of my new Lies Mertens backpack, i'm sure it will last forever and become even more beautiful over time ;). 

I'm also looking forward to the aging of my kids - Pjotr (5) and Jackie (3) - and spent as much time together as possible. Finally, I'm very curious where my studio will be about five years from now; unlike Lies, I work mostly by myself. Which seems to work for me, but this situation also has its apparent limits. "Chi va piano....."

What does your current playlist sound like? 

Stromae - Zwangere Guy - J.J. Cale - Baloji