a moment with artist Isabel Fredeus


Isabel Fredeus is a visual artist with an interest in ecology, natural processes and scientific approaches. Her artistic practice contains installations, sculpture, video and interventions. The common thread is her interest in organic materials and how organisms are designed and their function.

We met Isabel the first time when she got a CMMC+ for her birthday. Later this year, we were officially introduced by our colleague Anne Decot. We learned more about Isabel and her artistry.

While visiting Isabel's Atelier in Antwerp - the place where she comes to brainstorm, experiment and where concepts start to take form - we talked about her inspirations, newest work and future projects.

Isabel's inspiration raises a set of critical questions that guide her creative process: How does the natural world function? How do different organisms interconnect, and how do various ecosystems work? From there, she begins to experiment and creates beautiful textures and curious forms. The art in itself is as broad and transformative as the questions she asks herself. None of what we see is made to last, but rather transform, move, breathe, decay.

“I like to experiment and work with different materials and discover their specific potential.” 

Being attracted to natural surroundings and mechanisms, she is interested in the way organisms are designed and their function. She's currently working towards an exhibition that will take place in Meggen, Switzerland, that puts its focus on the world of fungi. While showing us her latest publication, A Subjective Reality, we gave her a sneak peek into some of our vegan and fungal samples called mycelium, which looked very promising to her. We are currently exploring all the options that we might use for a future collection. Needless to say, she is as excited as we are.

A subjective reality: a publication in collaboration with Ines Cox and Anne Decot

Discover more about Isabel Fredeus: website.