Meet LSP, our Belgian/Tunisian production atelier

Meet LSP, our Belgian/Tunisian production atelier


A look behind the scenes of our Belgian/Tunisian production atelier

In 2022, we started working with our second production partner, LSP. We started looking for a 2nd manufacturer, as our production is growing and the family business we work with in Italy was becoming too small. That search brought us to the Belgian company LSP, who has been producing leather goods for three generations.

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The Belgian atelier brought us to Tunisia. Their craft knowledge has been passed from generation to generation for more than 50 years. They moved their workshop from Belgium to Tunisia almost 10 years ago. There they built a new production process with thorough knowledge and vision. They work to Belgian standards and norms, with European materials and high-quality finishing.

Have a look at the making of the Ed bag, from selecting the skins to the final result.

"Transparency about material use and production are of great importance to me. That is why I travelled to Tunisia together with documentary & film makers studio Alfons Meyer to visit the atelier, meet the people there, see their craft up close and explore the surroundings. I believe it is of great importance to have direct contact with the people that make our products in the atelier. Everyone works in their own way and it is inspiring to visit those places and interact with the people at the studio." — Lies Mertens

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