The coincidence of bumping into beautiful things

The coincidence of bumping into beautiful things


a visit to Tunisia, where one of the ateliers of our Belgian production partner LSP is located.

"Transparency about material use and production are of great importance to me. That is why I travelled to Tunisia together with documentary & film makers studio Alfons Meyer to visit the atelier, meet the people there, see their craft up close and explore the surroundings. I think it is important to have direct contact with the people that make our products in the atelier. Everyone works in their own way and it is inspiring to visit those places and interact with the people at the studio."

Tunisia is chaotic
and calm at the same time.
The streets are crowded. 

there is also a lot of nature
and places that feel untouched.

I love that contrast,
the vast landscapes,
and the coincidence of bumping into beautiful things.

A Belgian atelier brought us to Tunisia.

There they built a new production process with their knowledge and vision. They offer a transparent production process which is important to us.

Their craftsmanship has passed from generation to generation for over 50 years, with European materials and a high level of finishing. 

My inspiration comes mainly from people,

their energy, their passion,their story.

It’s for that reason I name my designs after real people.

We strive for a combination of timelessness and comfort, transparently produced with respect for the environment.

This is Casper. Casper is a painter. The bag named after him is compact, just big enough to fit his sketchbook.