The bordeaux wine bag, a collaboration with Wijnbar ONA

The bordeaux wine bag, a collaboration with Wijnbar ONA


There is something fermeting at Lies Mertens and Wijnbar ONA

Ona and Arne of Wijnbar ONA became intrigued by Lies Mertens' wine bag last year; it was love at first sight. The shared passion for wine and appreciation for high-quality materials resulted in a wine bag in bordeaux VEGEA leather, made from leftovers of the wine industry. The colour of the bag is inspired by the rich tones of red wine and echoes throughout Wijnbar ONA's interior.

About the collaboration

Last year, Ona and Arne were awarded Wine Lady of the Year and best sommelier in East Flanders, respectively. These impressive achievements called for a special and unique celebration. Ona & Arne follow an unconventional and sustainable strategy in their entrepreneurship, which fits seamlessly with out own principles. The first contact with Ona & Arne felt right; shared passions, enjoying life to the fullest, and the pursuit of different and better, led t the wine bag in bordeaux VEGEA leather - a limited edition of 30 pieces.

A unique bottle of wine was designed especially for this collaboration, with a label created by Paulien Jans.

About the material VEGEA

Since the very beginning, we have been looking for sustainable solutions and innovative materials. Both within entrepreneurship and production, we constantly focus on new and relevant alternatives. In the search, the Italian company VEGEA immediately caught our attention. VEGEA transforms leftover seeds, skins, and twigs from wine production into a full-fledged alternative to animal leather. This creates a circular process where a waste product is turned back into raw material.

About the design

The inspiration for the bag was the material. The design and function of this bag are a reference to the shape of a wine bottle. The subtle and organic form makes it easy to wear crossbody or on the shoulder. Whether at a festival, or on a bike with your favorite bottle of wine, the bag’s spacious interior makes it all possible.

About Wijnbar ONA

ONA is about consciously enjoying. Discovering flavours, reflecting on the story, and starting the conversation. Turning off that autopilot for a moment and letting people taste true craftsmanship in a warm environment. Our lives are fast-paced, with fast consumption as the norm. We go against that as consciously enjoying takes time, passion, and quality.

That experience, together with wine, is our greatest passion. And that's why we keep exploring, together with the whole team. We're happy to share the knowledge with everyone.

ONA is consciously enjoying carefully selected top products.