Meet Daniel & Bianka

Meet Daniel & Bianka

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the d.b wine bag, named after Daniel and Bianka, biodynamic wine makers living in Germany

Bianka & Daniel  are two winemakers from Germany. The couple met each other in 2012 when Bianka started her internship at the family wine business of Daniel’s parents. Today, the couple produces more than 150.000 bottles a year and they do so in a biodynamic and authentic way. 

 Not only do they make great wines, Daniel & Bianka have the strong need, just as our brand, to create sustainable, high-quality products and to share their experience with friends and family along the way. 

"We believe we make a near ideal pairing. Our efforts so far have produced healthy vineyards and sustainable wines, and earned us many friends and companions new and old along the way. Our goal? To create grand wines as naturally as possible that embody the true balance between man and nature. Wines that reflect our personalities as well as our creativity."

Daniel & Bianka have a biodynamic approach to creating wine. This means that they treat their vineyard as a living and one solid ecosystem with each portion of the vineyard contributing to the next. The idea is to create a self-sustaining system where chemical fertilizers and pesticides are forbidden.

"When we give mother nature as much freedom as possible to do things her way, she in turn gifts us with her very finest results, reinforcing the precious natural balance." – Daniel & Bianka

The d.b -named after Daniel & Bianka-wine bag has enough space to fit your keys, wallet, a thin jacket and a wine (or water) bottle. Wearing it crossbody is the most functional and practical way because the bag will be close to you the whole time and also your hands will be free.

the material: Vegea

The story of the d.b wine bag started with the material. While experimenting with innovative materials, we found the circular alternative VEGEA, which is plant-based. The material is constructed using grape leftovers - the skin, the stalks and the seeds - from winemaking.

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