Meet Casper

Meet Casper

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"Can visual elements restructure the mind? And can we get in touch with the so-called primal form through visual art? " - Casper Fredeus

Casper Fredeus is an Antwerp based painter. His art practice focuses on abstract painting and drawing. His work is inspired by geometry, sacred spaces, symbolism, and inner visions. 

As the art practice is vital to Casper, carrying a sketchbook is essential to record elements from the ordinary life, to then process it later in his atelier.

"I paint what I cannot put into words. The use of black - with its absorbent characteristics - offers me an opening to a different kind of imagery."

Fredeus uses a visual language to guide the spectator beyond the visible. His interest in the gesture of the creative process towards a completed work always starts again from zero.

The crossbody bag comes with a zipper and adjustable strap, keeping both hands free. In addition, the bag has a front compartment with a magnetic closure to allow easier access to smaller contents.