Meet Leni

Meet Leni

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Meet Leni and Mera, mother and daughter, and inspiration behind the Leni and the Leni small

If you have been with us for a while you might have encountered Leni. She had been an integral part of our team for four years, overseeing production and much more. A year after launching the Leni bag, we bring you a smaller version, resulting in a mother daughter shoot with Leni and her daughter, Mera

"It's beautiful to see Mera move so freely. Mera has the freedom to dare to move. Our story is so intertwined, which is why the name Leni & Leni small feels logical." - Leni

In recent months, we received numerous requests from customers seeking a crossbody/shoulder bag with the same features as the Leni bag but in a smaller size. The result is a lightweight yet spacious bag completed with a separate compartment for tablets or files.

As the Leni small serves as the smaller version to the original Leni, it felt fitting to portray her daughter, Mera.

Leni and Mera are inherently connected to each other through their mother-daughter bond, but also through dance. For both of them, dance is a language through which feelings flow and move without having to use spoken words. It's a way to connect with themselves.

As a trained dancer, Mera embodies the elegance that we consistently strive for in our designs. Both in dance and in design, shapes are created to embody strength and grace. Mera's movements on stage reflect the refinement and precision that are found in our designs and materials.