Meet Manon

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Manon has her own eponymous jewellery line. “I’ve always had a weak spot for jewellery, especially big and bold ornaments.” She’s inspired by her French roots. Closing her eyes, she’s taken back to a Cannes from the eighties. A sultry summer atmosphere, parading on the Croisette promenade, palm trees and steaming hot tarmac.

Manon admires her grandmother. According to her, she’s the epitome of French elegance. “She has a talent for finding treasures on flea markets, which led to a wonderful jewellery collection. She’s always been effortlessly stylish. In my work, I try to embrace the same femininity and elegance.”

She doesn’t only love jewellery, but handbags as well. Her very first designer piece was a beautifully finished handbag she had longed to buy for a long time. “The detailing is amazing. Not only on the outside but on the inside as well - even though nobody except me gets to see the latter.” Lies was inspired by the design of Manon’s favourite piece and created a round handbag for her.