pop-up store in Sablon, Brussels

pop-up store in Sablon, Brussels


Lies Mertens opens a pop-up store at Rue Charles Hanssens 15, Brussels. Located in the area Sablon, the boutique embodies the core values of the brand

On 24.08.2023 we opened a pop-up store in Sablon, Brussels. Inside the boutique, a dialogue unfolds between the Lies Mertens collection and several collaborations. A dedicated team will welcome you to the boutique and walk you through the collections as well as limited edition pieces.

For the interior of the pop-up store we worked with a diverse combination of materials. We incorporated as many reused materials as possible. The modular furniture originates from previous pop-ups created by Atelier Bontekoe Van Put and has been given a new layer of paint. The counter has been handmade by our colleague Leni. The metal originates from an old table, the wood comes from her atelier.

For the window display we worked together with Cédric Etienne, founder of Corkinho, aiming to elevate stillness in contemplative atmospheres. The window display is fully made out of cork. The material fits well with the pop-up store due to the visible tactility and unique patina. 

The seat inside the store originates from a previous pop-up, however Lies created a new cover with residual cow leather. The leather, which is in the colour Plum, is also part of our AW23/24 collection.

Not only is it located in the beautiful area Sablon, it is also next to the boutique of Lies' dear friend Céline, who owns the label JA N UE. Last year, Lies and Céline spent a week in Normandy. They stumbled upon two vacant boutiques in an old city center and started dreaming about the possibility of having neighbouring boutiques someday. One year later, the boutique next to JA N UE became vacant and that is how our story in Brussels began.  


Lies Mertens — pop-up store Brussels

*UPDATE: no longer open