One bag, many people

One bag, many people

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Celebrating our fifth anniversary by honouring the people behind the bag. An homage to their daily life, needs and ideals.

Last fall, we invited 26 proud owners of a Lies Mertens bag into the photo studio. We had a wonderful time together and it was truly heartwarming to meet the people behind the bag. 

We want to bring authentic stories of people who inspire us and are close to us. It is not about fashion or trends, a Lies Mertens bag is a 'blank canvas' through which each customer can tell their own story.

Each design is inspired by real people: an homage to their interpretation of daily life, needs and ideals. With a straightforward design, we strive to make a bag an ally that makes your life easier, from morning to night. 

Each day, we are growing and there are more and more stories to tell. People are always a source to which we return, in the midst of a changing and chaotic world. After all, a dream world is easier to portray than a powerful, honest reality. For that reason, we want our ambassadors to do the talking. The portraits of One Bag, Many People show the real people (and dog) behind the bag. Discover the story and pictures behind all the people involved here.  

Our campaign cast holds our classics, such as the Lien, the CMMC, the CMMC mini and the Jasmijn. Also featured is the D.B. Wine bag, which marked the start of our vegan collection.